Single Clone

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Product Overview

Price includes ONE (1) CLONE
$25-- You choose the strain

NOTE: If strain selection is not made, we will send a variety pack of our choice. 

  • Organic pesticides--only ingredients used are: citric acid, natural enzymes, lavendar oil, garlic oil

  • Guaranteed Pest-Free and Healthy: Each clone undergoes individual inspection to ensure quality, vitality, and pest absence. Our rigorous pest and pathogen prevention protocol, coupled with visual inspection, assures you receive the healthiest clones. Your order includes a phytosanitary verification certificate, detailing organic treatment timing and inspection results

  • Sizing: Clones are between 6-10" and fully established.

  • Stress-free, discreet, and secure delivery. 

  • Quality Control: To uphold our high standards (pun intended), any cutting lacking strong root development within 10 days is composted and excluded from our inventory. Clones are batch-cut, with only 3-4 strains processed simultaneously, minimizing errors by reducing variables.
    Strains are rotated out periodically, so be sure to keep checking in via our website and on social media (comogrowsupply on all platforms).

Lead Times & Shipping Information:
Clones marked "On Sale" are considered pre-order, with an approximate 12-14 day lead time. Allow up to 10 days for root development, and an additional 2-4 days for final inspection (pest prevention, inspection, and acclimation). Since clones are cut in batches, orders made during the "reset" period between batches are discounted.

Shipping: Allow up to 3 days after final inspection for the order to ship. All clone orders are shipped Priority, and shipment details will be sent to the provided email. Next-day shipping may be requested for an extra fee. 

Pick-up: Orders may be picked up as soon as final inspection is complete. Please call or text 573-823-3937 to arrange a pick up time or delivery. 

Immediately Available:
Non-discounted listings are "immediately available," meaning clones are fully established and prepared. Allow up to 3 days after ordering for final inspection (pest prevention, inspection, and acclimation) before order pick-up or shipment. Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days after passing final inspection.

Shipping: Packages generally ship the day after the order is placed, but please allow up to 3 days for processing. All clone orders are shipped Priority with tracking. Shipment details will be sent to the provided email. Next-day shipping is available for an additional fee.

Pick-up: To schedule a pick-up time, please call or text 573-823-3937. Same-day pick-up or delivery may be an option, but please allow up to 3 days after ordering for a pick-up or delivery arrangement.

In-person pick up is recommended to minimize stress on cuttings. Pickup orders usually have shorter lead times, as clones can be released sooner with less risk compared to the careful logistics required for shipping. Larger clones with longer roots can be provided, as there is less risk of damage and drying.

Orders that are shipped may have roots that appear smaller. This is to prevent them from drying out and getting damaged in transit. However, with proper care, they will catch up and resemble the listing photos within a couple days.

Disclaimer: The photos included this listing are for taxonomy purposes only. The clones are considered federally compliant plant tissue, in accordance with Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill, PL 115-334); however, there are still regulatory requirements enforced by the FDA. Como Grow does not condone any illegal activities related to growing, budding, processing, or consuming this product. Customers are encouraged to educate themselves on relevant regulations and consult with legal and regulatory experts as needed.

Warranty Information

We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide high-quality products and services. However, due to the nature of our business and the perishable nature of our products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges unless the product arrives egregiously damaged or unusable. Store credit may be extended on a case-by-case evaluation, subject to our discretion. In the event that you receive an item that is significantly damaged/rendered unusable during transit, we will gladly provide a replacement upon verification of the damage. Please note that you must notify us of any damage or issues with your order within 24 hours of delivery, accompanied by clear photographic evidence of the damage. Feel free to call or text us at 573-823-3937, or reach out via email at We appreciate your understanding of our refund & exchange policy, as it allows us to maintain the quality and integrity of our products while providing excellent pricing and world class service to our customers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review