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CoMo Grow Supply is Columbia, Missouri's most trusted grow store. 

Whether you're planning your next grow project, or you're a first timer looking for knowledge to start your indoor garden, we have the supplies and experience to give your plants life.

In-House Consultants Available! 

 Thomas King and Heather Yu have been cultivation professionals for over 15 years, collectively. They have spent this time learning the legislation patterns of various states, while researching and implementing methods for quality and bountiful harvests. They have come back home to share the knowledge and techniques they’ve acquired through the years. With an emphasis on information accessibility and quality harvests, Thomas and Heather are here to help you realize your garden’s potential, and facilitate your garden’s growth.

We've got all the grow equipment you'll need to grow your own way.


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Indoor Grow Lights

High Pressure Sodium



Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/LEC) 

Hydroponic, Amended Soil, and Irrigation supplies

Nutrients & Amendments

Airflow & Cooling

Water Purification

Propagation & Cloning Supplies

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