Freeze Dryer Set

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Product Overview

Custom dehydrator set includes:

  • Drying Chamber (4.4" tall/5.4 OD)

  • Moisture Trap (6" tall/9" OD)

  • Exterior buckets

  • Pre-assembled tubing, brass adaptors, & pressure guages

  • Tempered glass lids with silicone gaskets

  • Dual stage vacuum pump (extra oil included)

  • Accessories: parchment paper, non-stick silicone mat, 6 mm gloves, non-stick silicone storage containers, & stainless steel tools

Special features:

  • Glycerin filled pressure guages prevent damage to the instrument from constant pump vibration

  • Heavy-duty reinforced base on steel vessels to prevent warping from constant temperature/pressure changes 

  • Tempered glass lids prevents cracking while providing a large observation window for uninterrupted viewing

  • Silicone gaskets for an air-tight seal 

  • Dual stage vacuum pump for deeper vacuum & efficient moisture/solvent removal

  • All fittings are pre-installed; all you have to do is get drying! 

How it works:
The two steel vessels act as a drying chamber and a moisture trap. The moisture trap acts as a reservoir that collects excess moisture from the attached drying chamber, while multiplying the strength of the vacuum pump.

1. Prep vacuum pump and ensure secure connection between steel vessels, gaskets, and hoses

2. Create a slurry in each exterior bucket using isopropyl alcohol & dry ice (sold separately)

3. Place product to be processed into drying chamber. 

4. Place each steel vessel into its own exterior bucket. 

5. Monitor the dry ice slurry and keep it cold by adding isopropyl alcohol as needed until the desired result is reached within the drying chamber.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review