6 pack Mushroom Caps (wide mouth mycelium jar lids w syringe filter + self healing injection port)

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Standard wide mouth mason jar

Product Overview

Available with or without metal screw band

 Enhanced Mycelium Lids for Optimal Cultivation
Get consistent results with the innovative features of MushroomCaps-- the mycelium jar lids designed to provide the ideal conditions for your mushroom cultivation projects.

PTFE Syringe Filter:

  • The 0.2µm syringe filter effectively blocks contamination while allowing sufficient fresh air exchange for optimal growth.
  • PTFE is an inert and biocompatible material which means this component will stand up to extreme heat and pressure (like in an autoclave or pressure cooker during sterilization)
  • The removable and replaceable design makes keeping the jar sterile effortless.
  • The PTFE filter offers superior performance over micropore tape for reliable and consistent results.

Self-Healing Injection Site:

  • The self-healing injection site eliminates the need for tape or puncturing a filter, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • With Mushroom Caps, the injection site seals itself after use, ensuring maximum hygiene and a long lifespan.

Versatile Applications:

  • Mushroom Caps are suitable for a variety of applications, including grain spawn jars, spore syringes, liquid culture, or agar.
  • The autoclavable and reusable components make it easy to keep your Mushroom Caps sterile and ready for repeated use.

Rust-Resistant Coating:

  • Mushroom Caps feature a rust-resistant coating for longevity and durability, ensuring they'll last through multiple cultivation and/or sterilization cycles.

Self-Sealing Lid:

  • Mushroom Caps are designed to fit standard wide-mouth mason jars, with a self-sealing lid that provides an airtight and secure seal every time.

Upgrade your mushroom cultivation game with Mushroom Caps and experience the benefits of these advanced mycelium lids for yourself.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review