Worm Poupon - Worm Castings + Beneficials

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Product Overview

Worm Poupon is freshly produced worm castings, inoculated with beneficial nematodes and predatory mites. Worm Poupon worm castings are produced locally in central Missouri. Worm Poupon is always freshly sifted from indoor raised African Nightcrawlers. 

Beneficial Nematodes are introduced during 2 stages of the production process. These Nematodes hunt and kill insect larvae (including fungus gnats, thrips, spider mites, and more). The predatory mites are introduced in the worm castings to feed on all life stages--eggs, larvae/nymph and adults. 

Chock-full of rich, naturally occuring nutrients with zero residual contaminants, Worm Poupon is suitable for all types of plants, both indoor and outdoor. Worms are raised in fresh peat loam from a bog that is completely untouched, free of chemical contaminants such as fertilizers or pesticides.

Suitable for top dress for already established plants, or as a soil amendment (mix it in directly with soil). It is fantastic as a compost tea ingredient as well!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review