Thomas P. King's Resume


Clear dedication to efficiently cultivating quality and consistent Cannabis. Educating patients and prospective business owners on dosage information and medical effects, licensing, and state compliance during the forefront of Cannabis Legalization is a top priority.


Proven skills in navigating an everchanging legal Cannabis market.

Expertise in designing & maintaining state of the art commercial Cannabis cultivation facilities.


Ability to organize and manage teams of varying sizes.


Dynamic communication skills.


Proven ability to complete tasks with concurrent time restraints


Proficient in maintaining a compliant facility in a highly regulated industry


Wide range of hard skills pertaining to Cannabis cultivation


METRC Certified


Colorado Key Badge holder


Licensed Pest Applicator


Experienced in creating effective & comprehensive sales strategies


Well-versed in Microsoft Office programs








Thomas P. King

Horticultural Engineer and Consultant


Lead Horticultural Engineer • Karmaceuticals Denver • 2016-2019

Managed day to day tasks of a 6,000 sq. ft. Commercial Cultivation facility. Lead a team of 12 people while increasing product yield by 150% in the first year of employment. Designed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures outlining employee safety, state compliance, and cultivation procedures. Maintained 600+ plants on a daily basis; oversaw all preparation of plants (general plant maintenance, harvest, and curing). Generated written procedures for proper pest management and prevention. Trained all employees in day-to-day processes.

Private Caregiver • California, Oregon, Colorado • 2009-2019

Consistently cultivated, processed, and prepared Medical Marijuana for more than 20 different patients over the course of 10 years. Designed, built, and maintained over 35 patient cultivation facilities across California, Oregon, and Colorado. Helped patients navigate each state’s Medical Marijuana legislation; avidly study changing legislation in order to remain compliant with individual state laws. Prepared Medicine in the form of dried flower, decarboxylated THCa in oil, and solvent-less concentrates. Assisted patients in understanding which Cannabis products would suit their specific medical conditions best.

Head of Operations & Sales• CoMo Grow Supply • 2019-Present

Assist in creation, implementation and adaptation of business model. Create pricing structure & design commercial wholesale proposals. Manage over 100 accounts (and counting) across the country. Arrange and maintain staffing structure of the company; approve marketing material.

Founder & Lead Cultivation Consultant • King Consulting • 2018-Present

Design residential and commercial hydroponics systems; approve equipment layout. Create nutrient regimen and shop processes tailored to the patient or commercial cultivation facilities’ specific needs. Generate and implement standard operating procedures for commercial cultivation facilities. Produce written operations assessments and employee training and state compliance certification plans.


Associates of Arts and Science • May 2010 • Meremac Community College

Graduated with a focus on English Composition

Certifications & Awards

Licensed Pesticide Applicator: Trained in the storage, usage, and proper disposal of pesticides in order to maintain a business’ compliance and integrity with the Dept. of Agriculture, as well as any other Cannabis regulating authorities.

METRC Certified: Trained in the seed-to-sale tracking of Cannabis plants as well as the proper logging of transferable product.

Key Badge: State licensed as a principal manager of a Cannabis business. Vetted by the Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Revenue to make key decisions in the company.

The Grow Off 2018: Led a team that came in 6th place out of 200 contestants for highest yield.