Monstera Thai Constellation -- Live plant, Fully rooted, Highly variegated rare plant for sale

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What's a Monstera Thai Constellation, and why is it so special?
The Monstera Thai Constellation boasts beautiful, variegated leaf patterns with stunning white speckles.
The marbled appearance is caused by a purposeful, lab made mutation in the plants' chlorophyll production. Because these plants are genetically altered in a lab, the white or yellow speckled pattern is very stable and will never revert, or go away--unlike their sister, the Monstera Variegata. Monstera Thai Constellation cannot be grown from seed and must be propagated through cloning. There is only ONE lab in Thailand that developed and creates the tissue culture for these plants [there are other's in the US attempting to replicate this method, but so far there's only one lab in Thailand that is able to produce a stable end product] --that's why these plants are so rare!

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About our Thai Constellations...

  • The plant pictured under each variant option is the exact plant that you will receive.

  • Each Thai Constellation is in a 1 gallon nursery pot and stands approximately 20 inches (50 cm) in height. Individual leaf widths are listed in the photo on each plant option. 

  • Any Thai Constellation purchased from our shop will have the genetics for "half moon" coloration (see mother plant in the photo gallery). Half Moon variegation is a rare, highly sought after gene, and is extremely beautiful.
  • Your new Monstera Thai Constellation will come fully rooted. Each "single leaf" plant has a new leaf coming in (see additional photos), along with a healthy node, so with lots of love and patience, you'll have a beautiful, lush plant in no time at all!

  • Shipping is included! 

Each plant is carefully hand packaged with plenty of protective padding. Our plants are well taken care of and guaranteed healthy at time of shipment. Photos of each plant will be provided via email as it is being shipped to prevent any inconsistencies. 
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CoMo Grow is not responsible for any damage to the plant due to extended shipping time. Heating packs are available and recommended for shipping during winter months. 

Returns on live plants are not accepted; exchanges and store credit will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Warranty Information

Returns are not accepted for live plants; exchanges and store credit are assessed on a case-by-case basis


(No reviews yet) Write a Review